Chanting and Sage burning

>> Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Weaseling out of things is important to learn, it’s what separates us from the animals...except the weasel. -Homer Simpson

Trying to get some me time often is a losing fight. Even time in the bathroom is not about me, with little fingers fishing about under the door.

A run to the dog park or the grocery store is as close as I get. Today’s me time was spent at the library in such for some Joy. If I'm going to fulfill my goal of keeping my cup full I'd better figure out what I'm doing.

Finding my Joy in a little book of crap however was not what I was expecting. Between my selection of "Looking up When life is looking down" by Beth Moore and "Laugh again, experience outrageous Joy" By Charles R. Swindoll, was this little brown book of Crap....

No kidding the title of the book is "Crap." by Conley, Macklin, and Miller. Why it took 3 authors to write a book of "Crap." I could not tell. Laughing to myself at the irony of the book.
Though written for teens I couldn't help but pulling it off the shelf and read the back.

"Ever feel like your life is filled with crap?" Well yes...yes I do. Sounds like a book for me...or not.

Being a small book it took me less then an hour to read. (Not all at once, between diapers, homework, and breaking up fights) But my take on it as a whole is its Crap... It’s about dealing with problems as a teen, why people give you crap and how to avoid it. Though it was cute in a silly way...Its main idea was "deal with it."

The following is taken from the book of "Crap."

Here are a few reasons why people give you crap.

*They like you (maybe even really like you.)
*They don't like you.
*They don't like themselves.
*They're projecting their own fears, ideas, hopes, dream, or insecurities on you.
*Their favorite contestant was cut from "americal Idol". (Don’t know if the book meant to spell "americal" like that or it’s a typo...but that’s how it’s written)
*They are overworked, underpaid, sleep deprived, and/or just generally frazzled.
*Picking on you is easier then dealing with their own crap.
*Starbucks was closed.

Now the book "Crap." Has a chapter on "Spread love not Crap as well as offers advice on how do get rid of crap like "chanting and sage burning" and having a "Crap funeral" But that’s about it......Hey buddy, yeah you who’s parents just split about a "crap funeral"...that should make you feel better! !WHAT! No my kids wont be reading this little peace of crap.

Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion. I myself prefer to laugh, since there is less cleaning up to do afterward. "- Kurt Vonnegut

Off to read some real Joy...I hope


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