God help me, before anyone else gets hurt and I lose my mind!”

>> Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We use to watch this preacher guy on TV who always preaches, if we say it with our mouth we will cause it to be true.

His example: In the Bible, God said “let there be light” and it was so.

So by me saying all the time, “my kids are driving me nuts,” I will then, be driven nuts by my kids.

I thought that guy was full of it, seeing that saying “I’m a rich, skinny, hot babe” Over and over has yet to work.

But after last night…I am wondering if there is more to it.

I was busy, busy, busy, unloading the dishwasher, so I could load it with the dinner dishes. I know, I know, I do this to myself all the time.

Maggie was set up at the table with paper and markers, her favorite pass time.

What seem like seconds had passed, and she had managed, to spill a glass of juice, eat the green marker, and scribble all over Jonah’s home work!

Currently she was finger painting the juice, (now green, from the marker) all over my table.

I run over panicking to get to the home work before the juice did, at the same time nagging at my poor one year old.

“You’re going to make me nuts girl, could you make a bigger mess? Can anything else go wrong tonight? Can’t I just get one thing done, without the house falling apart?”

Snatching her up by her pig tails, and shutting her in the dog kennel, was out of the question. With all I had to get done, it was not such a bad idea though. So after doing some deep breathing and counting to ten, I washed her up and sent her spinning off to chase the dog.

When in walks Jonah, with his socks balled up in one hand, and a small tooth in the other.


“What now?” I sigh.

“Mom, my tooth fell out, and I taste blood,” showing me the bloody hole in his head.

“How the heck did that happen?” I ask, thinking he didn’t have any loose teeth.

“Avery shoved my socks in my mouth, and my tooth got knocked out.” Jonah mumbles this though his socks, which he is now using to stop the bleeding.

“Ok, you guys need to knock it off before anyone else gets hurt, and I lose my mind!”

Now its Avery’s turn…

“Mommy, Sam bit me.” Lifting his left arm and showing me the battle wound.

Taken aback by the nasty black and purple mark, I ask.

“Oh man, when did he do that?”

“When I was annoying him.” He said, dead serious.

An uncontrollable smile blooms across my face.

“What’s gotten in to you kids? You are ALL making me crazy, it time for bed.”

Spoken to soon, everyone’s got to have a chance to make mom crazy…

“Mama, Maggie smashed my finger in the dishwasher. I told you, I don’t want this baby anymore!” Sam wines, then sticks his middle finger in his mouth.

“You want to get rid of your little sister?” I ask.

“Aw, no?” Seeming to wonder if I really could do that.

Avery butts in with, “I want to get rid of MY little brother!”

“Ok Avery, Maggie hurt Sam, you feel better now.”

I just want to get back to the dishes at this point; I’ll try for mother of the year some other day.

“Yeah I guess, thanks Maggie.” Avery agrees, and pats Maggie on the head.

“Now go get ready for bed please.” I beg, thinking to myself a padded room with three hot meals and a cot are looking pretty good right about now.

Back to the dishwasher… only to find Maggie has filled the soap cups (or whatever you call them) with cat food.

Oh come on!

“I’m a rich, skinny, hot babe…I’m a rich, skinny, hot babe… I’m a rich, skinny, hot babe.”


cindy February 24, 2010 at 10:36 AM  

I'm a rich skinny hot babe too. LOL!!! I had once read this book about Toltec Philosophy and it said exactly what u were experiencing: our spoken words are like blessings or curses (yikes) placed upon us. If we say something over and over again it can very much become truth, so that said....I'm a rich, young hot babe !!!!! ;)

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