I wonder were he gets it from? A world of Pixels!

>> Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The following is a guest post by my 12 year old son, I enjoyed this so much I had to share.

A world in pixels!
Let us find out if our unlikely super hero, Bob Mcperson can save the day, or not.

It was an odd day in strangeville (duh) where everyone is a stickman or stickwoman, when Joe was playing video games while his sister, Jill was acting all vain and stuff.  Joe wasn’t a fan of her attitude, but he was to interested in his video game.

He finally got to the dragons lair when a shiny light appeared behind him.

Joe said “wow mister! Who are you?”

The light said “I am the great shiny light of cosmetic video gaming doom, but you may call me… GUY!”

There was a long silence. Joe looked back. Then he said “what is that?”

 Guy said (with a deep voice) “that’s the money you could be saving with Geico.”

“Oh” Joe finally said. “He is scaring me” so Guy threw it away.

Then Guy said “I’m now going to banish you to your video game!”

“Oh no not the video game!” Joe yelled.

Then Guy started growing bigger, and bigger, and bigger. Pretty soon the entire room was shrouded in light.

Then he was in a white room, nothing in it. But Joe noticed there was small different colored squares popping up everywhere. Soon these squares made a big picture. He then realized these were the pictures in his video game.

He was in the video game!  He looked at his arm, it was also made of the pixels of this mysterious world.

He then did what any one in trouble would, eat a glass of water, it was the way to call Bob Mcperson!

Soon Bob thrusted into the video game with Joe.

“Quick! said Joe,  A weird light named Guy banished me to my video game! And forced me to watch educational television!”

Bob Mcperson gasped and yelled “educational television nnoooooooo!”

Then Joe said “we don’t really have to worry! Level one is candy land! This level is always easy!”

So the two odd stickmen set off on their journey, and had to battle gumdrop warriors. Then as they came to the level boss, it was a giant candy cane, and he has a tv with only channels of educational television!

Bob screamed like a little girl. EEEEEeeeeeeee!

But he then pulled out his favorite mussel yum energy bar (with extra fiber!) and ate it.

“I have solved my hunger problem” Bob Mcperson said with a burp.

Joe then said “now is not the time for eating! This is the only part of level one that is actually hard!”

“Mmmm eating” Bob said dreamily. “Wait… EATING!” Bob realized that the giant singing candy cane with educational television was a candy cane! Bob lunged forward and grabbed the candy cane! Then he licked it.

“MMMM, peppermint!” he murmured dreamily as he licked. Then the candy cane turned white and melted into a puddle! Bob and Joe cheered! Then Bob said “now, how many levels are left?”

“1024!” Joe replied.

“Nnooooooo!” Bob cried!



Bossy Betty June 8, 2010 at 8:56 PM  

Very nice! Love the way you tell a story! You need your own blog!

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