I see you Sir

>> Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I see your demons too. Your demons follow you, screeching in your ear, breathing down your neck, yelling insults calling you worthless trash.  

 I see you Sir; I see your fear, your anger as you rage back at your demons. 

Your demons are clever, for no one else can see them…They torture you unseen by those that pass giving you a wide birth as you stagger on flailing your arms waving off your demons.

  I see you Sir, your overgrown beard and soiled clothing. I hear the pain in your shouts warning off our demons.  They don’t fool me, your demons, I see them and I know their game.

  Others see you too, although they don’t see what trails you. Others see you, hear your cursing and ranting to yourself, they look away afraid and discussed by your disheveled appearance and absurd behavior.

  I see Sir, what you run from, what torments you.  You are not what they say, your demons and others. You are not worthless trash.

  I see you Sir.


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